Need short term loan of 30k for renovation. Will pay in excess of 14percent with second position on title. Payback less than 4 months.
Please let me know of anyone having contacts or interested.

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I can help you. Text/call me at 720-340-3385.

Send me  details and pictures of your project.  With full contact information to


I need 30k for a rehab project which I am doing for an investment property.

I have a first note with the primary lender . Please let me know what would be required for the loan. I will need the funds for 3-6 months.

Please let me know.



Michelle L. Tack


Contact for your loan at 2% interest

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Hi Mark,

I am interested in getting a 30k loan for an investment property  I am rehabbing. I have a first on the property from the lender.

Please let me know if you can help.



Hi Nat,

I am in need of  a 30k loan for a rehab I am doing on an investment property. I do have  first note in the property.Please let me know if you can help me . I need 30k, for 3-4 months. My cell is 202-492-7551.



Michelle L. Tack


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