Need 25K to complete a rehab with an ARV of at least $ 180K

My contractor says we are 3 to 4 weeks away from completion of a high end rehab...

I am about 90% of the way through rehabbing a house I own outright, and need a very short term loan of $ 25,000 to finish it and put it on the market. This is a 4/3 2,150sf, waterview home on ½ acre.

I have financing in place from my Broker’s(I also own a real estate Brokerage) self-directed IRA from my real estate company, but it isn’t sufficient to cover the remaining three or four weeks of finish work to get it ready to sell.

Her $ 100,000 would have been more than enough but:

  • The building inspector made us jack up this 100 year old house and replace all the piers with new ones and replace all the structural member (6x6 & 6x8’s) under the house to support and level it

  • He also made us support the second story and then completely remove the first floor exterior walls and framing and replace with new new studs, OSB, and Tyvek

  • Same thing in two rooms on the second floor – all the exterior walls were replaced there also.

This caused a $ 20K overrun…

 I need the $ 25,000 to insulate, sheetrock, paint, stucco the exterior as needed, and trim out the house to get it ready for market.

All new windows and doors are in and paid for, all framing is done and the framing inspection was passed, the electrical is being done this weekend (we added central air and all the plumbing is brand new) to get ready for the mechanical inspections next week.

As soon as that passes, I need cash to turn the insulation contractor loose… then sheetrock, etc. for the three weeks to COO.

I have an older ARV appraisal on this property that puts its value at $ 180,000, and in the neighborhood there are two similar homes for sale at $225,000 & $309,000. Since that appraisal, prices in this neighborhood have been going up as it is an in demand location. Homes across the lake start in the 600K range and go up over 7 figures.

Exit strategy is to have my Broker list it, and we will spend a considerable amount on marketing, advertising, and daily open houses because of high buyer demand in the area. 

Would you be willing to lend, or would you know anyone who would.  Term would be 6 months, but will probably pay off a lot sooner based on market demand. I am willing to pay higher interest and points to get this done.


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I'm kind of surprised that for a loan that is as leveraged as this one is... no one has any interest.

I need the cash to finish...

I don't need it for long...

John Rogers


I work directly with a private investor. Here is his criteria:

Clients seeking loan pays COMPULSORY $600 loan processing/authentication fee for loans more than $15,000 upwards. For loans below $15,000, there is a $300 fee attached.
2. Clients must be employed or have a good credit history.
3. Clients must posses valid identification.
4. Minimum loan amount: $10,000
maximum loan : $4,000,000.
5. Interest rate: 4%
6. Duration: 5-6 years
7. Lend nationwide and internationally but prefer USA based loans
8. Investor will provide proof of funds

Let me know if you want to proceed forward. If so I will forward your contact information to the investor.

Best Regards,

Phillip A. Walker
Stone Creek Financial Services

Hello John - we may have a contact who can assist and usually can close in 3-5 days.

Please read through the attachment and let me know if this fits your needs - email me if interested;


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John, I hope everything went well with your project. It looks like you had received plenty of bogus replies. I have gone this route before. I know of a company which funds the rehab 100% up to 300K per property. If you are interested, please email me to

Daniella Goldstein

MACG REAL ESTATE GROUP has partnered up a private lender specializing in small balance loans for investors in 34 states. 


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