I need an equity partner for $10,000 to be able to close a $4.5m deal. I'm in contract for the purchase of a commercial, cash-flowing property, but am $10k short to be able to move forward. Need a.s.a.p. to solidify contract. Cash partner backed out, and I have only a few days left to save the deal! Funding and down payment have already been arranged.

For the $10k influx (which is less than 0.25% of the total) you can choose to become a 5% equity partner, or it can be a short term loan, and I'll pay you back $15,000 out of escrow.

I do not qualify for a personal loan, so no need to offer anything credit based.

If you can help in any way, please contact me!

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Have you gotten a lender to fund your loan? if not,

Still Looking for the loan, I can help fund your request.

Contact me via johnahanson@finacecllc.com or call at 929-450-7075

Name is

John Hanson.


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