Nationwide Business and Real Estate Loans 1,000,000 and above

Nationwide business and real estate loans 1,000,000 and above. Secured and unsecured business loans to companies that have three and more years of steady income and can prove it on their tax returns. Loans against purchase contracts and equipment and real estate.

Loans against over the counter stocks and bonds as long as they have trading volume. yes we can provide loans against non marginable stocks and securities as long as they are being traded.

Construction loans and land loans  nationwide USA and international.  Email loan request to and our website is  our phone is 541-632-3560 

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I am in need of $80k, of which I need $20k by 8/28/15.
For your investment, I would record a second lien on a property in Phoenix in the amount of $200k.
The house will sell in about 7 month and you will get paid.
If there is any way that this could be done, please call me at 928-278-7016.
Thank you very much
Daniella Goldstein
Wilshire One, Inc

Loans 1,000,000 and above for projects in USA and Mexico. Certain other select international countries.

Hello Richard,

I have a purchase contract for a home in Phoenix for 1.175mil.

What kind of loans do you have available?


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