Looking for multifamily financing to help me acquire a small off market property near Dallas. Price is around $1.5 million. I can put 10% down. No rehab needed. 9 of 10 apartments are currently occupied. Strong Cap. Who can do this at a low interest rate with 10% down. Looking for something long term. I will not be reselling this property any time soon.

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Hi There : 

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David Lee

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Daniel, I'm Reggie Truss, The Loan Father.  We would like to ask you some fairly straightforward questions about what you are looking for in a multifamily loan, and give you a chance to pick my brains so we can figure out whether we truly could add real value by working with you.  If the answer is no that's ok.  WE ARE NOT FOR EVERBODY.  Please contact us at loanfather336@gmail.com or 419-531-8433.

The Loan Father

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