I have a foreign investor looking to purchase multi family deals in the US.  He has an entity set up here and owns a few condos, but most assets and MF experience are outside the US.  Client has financial strength and deep experience.
We are currently targeting 3 assets in the 1.5 to 3Mil range in Florida.  Can you offer financing without having a US based sponsor?  Criteria and terms?

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Get in touch with me or leave your information and I'll contact you.  I may be able to help you out with this.  Have a niche lender in hand that is working with foreign investors currently. It will be more difficult without a US sponsor, but can be done. I can provide you with some recent case studies we have closed along with some recent loan approvals and program parameters.  It may be an opportunity to work together.


Jared Rine


209 481 0514

Hi Jean-Marc,

I can get your client financing terms as a foreigner.  The mortgage can be fixed 5, 7, 10 or 30 years with rates starting in the 3s.  Call me on Monday and we can discuss.


Christopher T. McIntosh




I work for Rodeo Capital in Los Angeles. We are a Direct Hard Money Lender who lends to Foreign Nationals. We recently funded a Foreign National Purchase of a 35 unit MFR in Pensacola Fl. You can check out that funding & other recent fundings at:


Please contact me at mrabkin@rodeocapital.com or on SKYPE at: Marc Rabkin
to discuss further.


Marc Rabkin

Marc Rabkin
Director of Business Development
Rodeo Capital
SKYPE: Marc Rabkin
CA DRE# 01910203

ReadyCap Commercial  offer loans from $500k to $10 MM. Foreign nationals are eligible borrowers. Unlimited cash outs with no seasoning requirements.  

You can reach me at michal.boggiano@readycapcommercial.com or 954.980.4757.

My website is www.readycapcommercial.com


Hi Jean Marc,

Please contact me. We have a lender that will loan to foreign investors for residential and commercial properties. Please e-mail me with the details.




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