My mortgage is up for renewal and I am looking for a new lender.
350K required (LTV 77%)

NO UPFRONT FEES -Please understand that there arte far to many fraudulent 'lenders' and scammers out there. Fees are OK but must be rolled into the loan amount.

If there are any lenders interested in lending in Canada please reply via

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Hello My company will Help you Out with The funding

please send contact info for discussion

Steve, you can fill out the contact form on my website and one of my team members will contact you

form will not accept postal code

 here is an app fill it send it back to me at  ub-universal-application.pdf

My name is James am the Managing Director of FINANCE OUTSOURCE SERVICE LLC located in Nevada USA and my lending interest rate is 6 percent. You can email me the amount you seek as loan and the repayment duration if you are interested in my service.

What is your email addy?


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