My corporation owns my duplex in Sharon, PA. Free & Clear.  It's worth between 35,000. to $50,000.- I'm seeking a new 1st mortgage that's a no income verification deal.  I'm looking to borrow $25,000.-  credit is 652, 630 & 623 as of mid august.  Have tenant on first floor & I live on the 2nd floor, so you could say it's owner occupied, but then again you could say it's not.  If you can do such a low amount mortgage.  Please get in touch.  Thanks Dale McCoy email is:

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According to your website your lowest loan amount is $50,000.- but my highest loan amount for my personal residence is $25,000.-.  If you can make an exception fine.  But if you can't I understand.  I like to be 1 of your associates but I need more info. about your company & the different kinds of loans you can do & what it takes to qualify.  Thanks Dale McCoy 


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