Looking for the best rates on a 4 unit off-market in Charlotte

I'm Tony. I have an opportunity to purchase a 4 unit fully leased property here in North Carolina, in the city of Charlotte. This is off-market and I can purchase this property for about 80% of current market value. Property needs about $60,000 in minor renovations and I can take care of that part myself. I just need a loan with the lowest rates possible. My best quote so far is 7.75% and I will not pay a rate that high. Another lender offered my 11.5% but I don't need hard money. I have strong credit, own several other investment properties, and have proven (according to my credit report) that I can and will pay the loan perfectly every single month. I am recently retired, have a $3900 monthly pension, and make another $6200 a month from my other properties. I can put 20% down and pay for the small renovations out of my own pocket. I need a new lender. My previous was a broker I used many times but he no longer returns calls. He is in his 70s so he may have just retired as well. I am here to find his replacement!

Can I get a rate in the 6 to 6.5% range right now or is that just wishful thinking? I am new to this website so please just reply here or message me direct. If I like your rates I will definitely set up a call to get started.

Tony Miller

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If you can go to a bank try that 1st. If you need a light DOC program ( DSCR ) and want to buy down the rate maybe you can get to the high 6's other than that mid to high 7's is about average right now. Feel free to email me at chad@pimlicogroup.com to discuss further.

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My name is Reggie/ Loan Father.I saw your post about needing money for a real estate transaction, I’m contacting to find out more.

If you are still looking for money just give me a call when you can at 419-531-8433, or I would love to shop around for  you and get you a competitive quote. Email address loanfather336@gmail.com.  

Again my name is Reggie, and I can be reached at 419-531-8433, or loanfather336@gmail.com.  Have a great day.


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