Hi Everyone,

I have missing link in our system, thats rehab funding.

We find cheap mid west properties. We can pay cash for them, but we need rehab funding.  We have a waiting list of tenants and we have a management system in place.

Can you help us out?  We are looking for a credit line or construction loan or rehab funding, don't care what its called.  we need approx 20-25k per door to get homes rent ready that rent for $700 - $850/mo. We can do a 60 mo term but prefer 7-10 years.

We are only looking for serious soulutions.  Please don't contact us if you want to offer bait and switch 0% loans for 3 months, but oh by the way there is a 15% success fee scenario.  We are not also looking for loans that cost us 20-25% to do the paperwork.  And please don't tell us you do millions in loans bt don't have a website or are using a free email address (that throws up HUGE red flags)

We have a system that works and looking for this last element before launching to the next level.


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Hey Mark,

I'm seeing your replying to anything and everything on this site, so lets cut to the chase.

I can find funding, I need it to be affordable.  So what rates can you get me?


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