Looking for Refundable Deposit Service Provider to Close Development Loan

My Company is in the process of executing a development loan that requires a client refundable deposit of $28,000 that is fully refundable if the loan does not close within 30 days.  My Company is a start-up real estate developer so I do not have that much capital accessible up-front to cover this.  Based on the loan agreement this is to be deposited with a licensed attorney and my Company would repay this deposit as part of the loan proceeds at closing.  My Company has everything lined up currently with the lender to execute the loan except for this deposit.  Please contact me if you can provide this service or a similar service whether it is a bridge loan or interim financing.

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Hi Sean,

We can help you get unsecured business line of credit for that amount.

I attach a doc for your info.

Call me if with questions.  If I get the credit report today and the pre-app form, I may be able to give you

an answer still today.



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