Looking for Refi Cash Out for Non Income Verified or Hard Equity Loan

Looking for a non income verified or hard equity lender to close Real Estate Re Fi Cash Out Primary Residence on 14 Acres bonified Farm property with 2700 sq ft residence and a 3000 sq ft barn located in beautiful Huntersville NC.  Just 15 minutes from Downtown Charlotte NC.  Borrower has about a 700 credit score. looking to borrow 60% or less. Need to close within 45 days.  Please contact Richard @ DWB Investments:

dwbinvestment@gmail.com or FAX 910-636-1006

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Hello Rodrigo,

I received your response on Real Estate Finance.  We are currently looking to refinance a primary residence.  it  is on acrage and is nearing the end of a balloon note.  We are looking to pay off 175K on the original mortgage and get cash out of 100K for an addition and some upgrades on the home.  It is valued at approximately 600K now as is.  according to a real estate agent may be upwards of closer to 800K.  Self Employed so proof of income is an issue.  We do need to close within about 45 days.  
In reading your response I see you do corporate/real estate loans.   We are also interested getting a business loan against our Manufacturing plant located in Richland GA.  It is owned free and clear 165K sq foot on 50 acres.  We are looking for 300K against the property for cash flow funding for the business.   
Please let me know what you may have available for both or either of these loans seeked.  Thank  you so much, look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Wendy Biddle
DWB Investments, Inc.

We can do cash out refi on a property.



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