Looking for Purchase and Rehab loan, 100% Financing for Multifamily Property

I have a client that is looking for financing to purchase and rehab a property.
Purchase Price: $649,000
Requested Loan Amount: $1,200,000
Client needs 100% financing 
Property Information: Two properties, 15 total units; 13 residential units, 2 commercial (ground level retail, etc.). One property requires full and extensive rehab; the other is fundamentally in move-in condition and ready to lease.Residential/Multi family residences. Commercial currently vacant. 
Property Location: Lawrence MA

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Hi Matt,

What is the value? Also I need a bit more info.

Nick (310)480-4447 or malkut@outlook.com


My name is Lee, I can help you get funded. Contact us via the company website for more info.

E-mail=  ptlee452@gmail.com




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