Looking for Private Money Lenders for properties in No. CA who will lend based on ARV, not purchase price

I'm looking for private/hard money lenders for properties in No. CA who will lend based on ARV (after repaired value), not present purchase price. We are purchasing distressed properties up to 70% LTV in great neighborhoods in No. CA. We will have $$ in the transactions as well. If this is you, please forward your terms and contact information, thank you.

Juan Lopez

(760) 403-3600

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Mr. Lopez

Private SoCal Investment group will JV/partner with you and cover up to 100% of your costs, to buy-fix-flip CALIFORNIA ONLY residential properties. Will split profits upon resale

Investment range: $100 K to $5 M
Maximum Investment to Value: 65% of ARV
Loan Terms:12% annual interest, monthly payments, up to 6 months

 If you have a deal ready for review contact:

Jason Hooks



What are your loan fees?


Hello Juan,

I arrange private loans through out California. I can do 65 to 70% max on ARV. It will require a future value appraisal. If your interested give me call. 530-544-2611

Pete Jorgensen

Granite Funding Inc.


My residential lender really likes CA. Acquisition is based on Acquisition price.  But after renovation will refi based on ARV.  He will also finance 80% of the renovation.

RESIDENTIAL terms range depending on property, location and borrower:
-Residential Asset based to non-prime lending w/min of 500 Fico
-65%-75% LTV
-Acquisition/Renovation 4-6 months
-Cash-out Refi 3yr 
-10% - 12% rate

- 65% LTV on cash flowing properties (exceptions for great deals). 
- 60% LTV on all non cash-flowing properties (raw land may be an exception). 
- Min. loan amount $1.5 M, max. loan amount $10 M. 
- Terms range from 3 months to 18 months with extension available. 
- Can fund with-in a 7 to 14 day period. 
- Purchases, refinances, construction, rehab, cash-out, etc
- Asset based

Fill out a Loan Summary Sheet. wwwProvidentMng.com

or email me OffMarketRealEstate@gmail.com

I'm looking for lending based on ARV, not acquisition price. Thanks for the inquiry.


Our Acquisition/Renovation program is based on purchase price and scope of work.  Our Cash-Out Refinance program is based on ARV.  Asset based lending.  Just needs to make sense.  www.ProvidentMng.com


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