Looking for lenders to Fund Purchase and Rehab cost for high return in Orange County, CA. Anyone out there ready to partner up with R&P Home Solutions? Sent me a line I’m very motivated and ready to go. As a bonus my wife is a realtor.

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Contact michaelstonelenders@yahoo.com.hk for your loan at 2% interest

GMA Factor wants to be involved in your next real estate project. Whether you are planning a rehab on a multi-family residential property, or needing fast cash to close on a commercial deal, we can be of great assistance. We never say “No” to a good deal due to restrictions of funds and we offer a quick turn around time, so you will not lose out on a great opportunity. Commercial, Residential PRIVATE LENDING!! Looking to close your deal FAST?? Funding from $100,000 to $4MM very quickly. All decisions made in house. 65% LTV and ARV up to 12 months. GMA Factor provides up to $4MM loans! We are a FAST and RELIABLE lender for residential and commercial projects in GA, NJ, NY, DC, FL, Chicago and PA. Contact Ezra, our experienced financial specialist today at 347-897-9174 and we will get the process started!

I’m looking for investors to partner with that are looking to flip multiple properties and need someone with my ability to make sure the project is profitable. With my background as a Master Carpenter, Cabinet Builder, Project Manager, Estimator and a great communicator I can keep the projects on track and get it done quickly. I was also General Manager for the last 10 years for a large Exhibit Company. I’m a self-motivator and have a can do attitude. INTERESTED contact me at randy@randphomesolutions.com

Please see profile on www.linkedin.com/pub/randy-boutté/68/471/85b/

At GMA Factor our Private Lending philosophy is this simple:

Commercial, Residential PRIVATE LENDING!! Looking to close your deal FAST?? Funding from $100,000 to $4MM very quickly. All decisions made in house. 65% LTV and ARV up to 12 months.

Your funding request(s) will be taken very seriously

You will be treated professionally

Your questions will be answered honestly

Your relationships will be protected

You will interface with a knowledgeable representative

You will remain informed every step of the way

If your project makes sense, we will fund it

Bring us your plan and we will fund it!

Call us for more information, 1-888-958-5544 or 347-897-9174.

Can you do 100% on purchase and rehab?

Randy, I can do 100% of all cost on a jv type deal, profit split 50/50.

Randy, I have a lender that may consider putting up 100% of funds for 50/50 return, if you are interested please send me the details.


Peter Abraham
813 400-3537 office

“Providing residential and commercial mortgage loans to
small business owners.”

Hey Randy,

I would welcome the 50/50 scenario, if that is still available.  I acquire property at or below 65% ARV, minimum ARV of $200K.  Presently, I have an asset that would benefit us dually.  Please contact me... joerosa2012@gmail.com.


Joe Rosa

Gail Lending Company (GLC) is a leading non-banking financial services company, We offers current commercial real estate loans, and short long-term investment in real estate financing, factoring and SBA 504loans.

We provide capital up to $500 million to serve our customers' specific requirements, ranging from commercial real estate and Acquisition of fixed assets, investments in real estate financing, refinancing, partner buyout and working capital.

Please contact Gail Omini, our foreign account manager via our e-mail address gailomini@gmail.com

Private Investment Group will partner with you, put up 100% of the money for quick flip

(6 months or less) single family deals, from $100 K to $700 Kup to 65% of ARV, andsplit profits 50-50.

No cash down needed

No earnest money needed

No credit needed

No monthly payments

No Loans to repay


For details go to: 





I can help you with all sort of funding. Kindly get back to me at universalprivatefinance@gmail.com so we can get something done.


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