Looking for lenders to Fund Purchase and Rehab cost for high return in Orange County, CA. Anyone out there ready to partner up with R&P Home Solutions? Sent me a line I’m very motivated and ready to go. As a bonus my wife is a realtor.

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I hope this email finds you doing well.  I saw your post on Real Estate Finance and I'm wondering if you've been able to obtain financing?  If you still need help, I think I could help you get this deal done.  I would just need to ask a few questions about the deal before I could determine whether or not it was something I could get done.  I look forward to your response.


910-399-6758 ext. 107



Providing businesses, both seasoned and startups, with access to commercial real estate financing, working capital and over 20 other types of business loans needed to cultivate growth and ensure success for years to come.


GO TO: http://www.connectlending.com/portal/15548/home

Hello, I saw your loan request on realestatefinance.com,it will be processed within 1-2weeks only at an affordable interest rate,at no upfront fees,write now on james.f6525@gmail.com,thanks as I await your prompt response, James


I am a private lender with flexible terms. If it makes sense we'll do it.

Call me (310)480-4447



Contact bill.lisaadamsporfolio@gmail.com for Property/Business/Personal Loans. 

Thanks Lisa & Bill Adams

I can help you,  drop a message.



I sent you a message before and I have not heard from you. We have the capital you need. Give me a call (310)480-4447 or malkut@outlook.com

We have funding for Commercial and Residential needs. We provide education for new investors, loyalty member opportunities for doing business with us, Free Executive club for Business Owners, Developers and Lenders. Fix & Flip program, Stated Income program. Help with all your financing needs from thousands to multimillions! sfmortgage.info contact: rbeverly@tamcocapital.com

Eneldes Plc is into funding of the following categories:

Start-up funding
Commercial Real Estate Finance*
Venture Capital
Seed Capital
Early stage funding
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Rea Estate funding
Unsecured Loans
.......and many more.

Annual interest rate is 5%, No collateral facility required, Poor credit not a disadvantage, Loan Repayment spreads out over years, We pay a commission of 1% for referral service. eneldes.plc2015@yandex.com
Contact us Via E-mail : eneldes.plc2015@yandex.com

Kindly Regards,
Jeremy Sanders,

Do you need a Mortgage loan to fund your deals? we offer loans for the following

•Commercial property
•Residential housing
•Mobile home parks
•Storage units
•Strip Malls

-Line of Credit
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Loan amounts between $10,000 to $10M+
We offer financing up to 90% LTV
Interest Rate at 3% per annum
Terms varies between 1 to 30 Years

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I work for a bank OGI, we have a program that we call hard money. 30% down and the rate is 4.5% to 6.5%. fico must be 650 an up. If the loan is over $1M we need 12 months bank statements. California only.

To all serious borrowers.

We have funded over 20 investments in the United States, Australia, and Europe since we joined the Real Estate Finance Team. We now have an ATM debit card option where Clients access funds through a Master/Visa Debit card. This give them instant daily withdrawals of up to $50,000 on ATM's and up to $500,000 in online transfers.

The debit card payment option was made possible by our partnership with ABSA a member of Barclay's Bank and ATM Asia Payment Center.

Try and access this opportunity by contacting me on therealpietro@outlook.com or customercare@vanquizfin.com.


Pietro Palozzo


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