Looking for lenders to Fund Purchase and Rehab cost for high return in Orange County, CA. Anyone out there ready to partner up with R&P Home Solutions? Sent me a line I’m very motivated and ready to go. As a bonus my wife is a realtor.

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I offer both secured and unsecured loan, business loans e.t.c at a minimal interest rate.

Interested honest borrowers should contact me for more details.



Hello Sir/Madam,

         I am a reputable, legitimate & an accredited private money lender. I loan money to individuals in need of financial assistance. Do you need a fast loan??? I offer a wide range of loan, i can help you with the loan funds you seek, my services is fast and due at a very low and minimum rate of 2.5% to suit your needs. Thanks for your understanding.

Laura White.

We can help...email details of your project to mlewis@magnuscommercial.com Thank you!





i am a private lender in brooklyn, and i can help you with your loan without any up front fee.

get back to me via email, olivercreditloan@gmail.com

I have a group how provides 80% LTC

Please contact me at 402-202-4587 or tara@taraamrccapital.com

Kindest Regards,

Tara Azaroff

TaraMarc Capital Partners



Do you desire a loan to fund your business proposals or project at a low interest rate, contact me at masfund@outlook.com to get started.

We provide quick up to100% financing for fix and flip residential projects in California. We provide all the financing you need to both acquire and renovate your project.
This enables rehabbers to scale their business because cash is no longer an issue. This enables you to renovate a virtually unlimited amount of deals.
You no longer have to say, “I wish I had the money.” You now have funding for all the deals you can find.
Most rehabbers are limited in what they can do because most hard money lenders only provide 65-80% of the purchase price of a property. Some will fund the rehab portion. But 99% of them only provide a portion of the purchase price. This leaves a “gap” in financing for a project. In addition, you have monthly payments.
Here is What We Fund:
-Residential Properties
-Up to 100 % of the project
-All the monthly payments
-Anywhere in California
-Value-Add Projects
-5 day close after appraisal
We provide all the money you need that a hard money lender will not provide. We share the end profit with you 50/50. Call to see how we can help you scale your business while the market is hot.
We are a highly genuine funding group and investment banking group. I like to personally discuss our capacity and provide details.
Maverick Robinson
Next Step Capital Funding
302 384 2322
FIX & FLIP UP TO 100% FINANCING MULTI-FAMILY, RESIDENTUAL & HOTELS up to 100% FINANCING-NO UPFRONT FEES-Next Step Capital Funding collaborates with numerous Conduit Capital Partners that specialize in fix & flips, gap funding and equity partnerships. Feel free to contact us at 302 384 2322 VISIT OUR WEB SITE: nextstepcapitalfunding.com
EQUITY PARTNER SEEKS HOTELS & RESORTS. Up to 100% funding. $1 mill-$500+ mill. At Next Step Capital Funding our commercial funding resources combined with our professional services enables us to place most commercial projects. Recent bank lending regulations and qualifications make it difficult to find funding. We can find funding for virtually any commercial project located in the U.S., Canada as well as international markets. From ground up construction, refinance rehab and debt restructuring, Next Step Capital Funding focuses on niche markets of commercial projects that traditional lending institutions may not be able to finance. funding@nextstepcapitalfunding.com- 302.384.2322

OK,, interested in projects here, and interested in offering a private banking line of credit for borrowers with a history of success in real estate.

please email your scenario to us at info@superjumboloans.info also visit our website at www.superjumboloans.info 


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