Golden Ground Floor Opportunity in South Louisiana on a 40 room motel being built 4 miles from a Multi Billion Dollar Natural Gas Plant under construction in Cameron Parish. The nearest motel presently is a 70 mile drive one way. The land for this project is locked up and currently we have 210 shares sold @ $10k per share, with a majority 325 shares still available. This project is phase 1 of a 3 phases plan. I can email The Prospectus and Business Summary to interested investors. Please message me with your contact information.

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Mr. Gill

Would you be open to a cash back bank instrument that can fund your entire project?

If so please advise me for more information.


Brian Sheridan


Sheridan Equity Investments CRUT

Hey Brian, this Investment Opportunity is set up with the SEC as a 504(D). We are raising $5.3mil on Phase 1 of 3 phases and we've raised $2.1mil so far. We have available the majority stock of 325 shares and we still need $3.2 mil. The land is locked in on this deal and the owner of the land doesn't want banks involved. He wants shares for the 100 year lease he has signed on the land. The land has been in his family for over 200 years. If you can help me facilitate this deal there's a potential $30-$50k commission you could earn. If you're interested in this, I can forward The Prospectus and our Business Summary to you.


Pat thanks for responding to my message. I have a way of securing the capital that you need. Please email me the business summary only to

Thank you and look foward to your email.


Brian Sheridan

Sheridan Equity Investments, CRUT





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