I am looking for joint venture partner to do rehab projects here in California. I am involved doing single-family homes multi family apartments and luxury homes. On my luxury homes  my profits can be from $600,000-$1 million or more. I'm looking for a person that will be interested in doing this and putting up the money. I've been investor for many years doing rehab projects.  please contact me if this sounds like something you would be interested in doing.  thank you for your time Jeffery JNP Property Investments inc

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I work with a direct lender that can provide the following:

Loan Amounts:

$100,000.00 up to $3,000.000.0

Loan Type:

1st position loans for non owner occupied properties only


6-24 Months (longer terms considered on a case by case basis)

Interest Rate:

9.99% – 12% Annual Interest Rate (LTV is the main determining factor regarding interest rates)


Up to 65% ARV

Up to 80% Acquisition

Loan Origination Fees:

Varies Depending on length of term


Lending throughout California, Nevada and Arizona

Prepayment Penalty:

No Prepayment penalty

Contact me at:

Phillip A. Walker

Stone Creek Financial Services




Mr. Walker

We may be able to help you achieve your investment objectives.

Please visit our website at the below link:


After review, if you have any questions, contact us at: info@thelpmtrust.com

Thank you.

D. Hooks



Hello Jeffrey, I represent a CA hard money lender.  We actually prefer the higher-end fix 'n flips category.  Our basic terms are:  Up to 70% of ARV; 11.99% plus 3 points; 6-12 month term; 650+ credit.  Closing costs and points can be rolled into the loan amount.  We are looking to develop long-term business relationships with seasoned rehabbers.

Email:  Info@SimsCapital.biz

Our investors provides FUNDS FOR RENOVATION for properties that will be sale once we fix it. If you wants a property for fix and flip but you are short for the rehabs...WE COULD HELP YOU!


1.     Wholesalers can now earn much more by connecting real estate investors and home sellers with renovation funds (not a loan)… 
• Owners get the funding they need, to make more money upon selling.
• Wholesalers get paid on more deals, by helping sellers make more.

2. Rehabbers can now earn much more by using our investors’ funds (not a loan) to renovate their properties before selling them...

3. Realtors can now earn much more by connecting home sellers with renovation funds (not a loan) to doll up the property prior to sale… 
Owners get the funding they need, to make more money upon selling.
Realtors earn larger commissions by selling more expensive after-renovated homes (and get more listings by availing renovation funds to their clients).

4. Investors now have the opportunity to earn more, with much less risk, by funding renovations in partnership with home owners who stand to make much more by fixing and selling, rather than by selling as is.

We will now begin emailing to you specific investment opportunities. Review each at your leisure, and when you are ready for more information regarding a specific investment we’ll put you in contact with the Area Partner who is sponsoring the investment.

5. Contractors can now earn much more by connecting home sellers with renovation funds (not a loan)… 
Owners get the funding they need, to make more money upon selling.
Contractors get more and bigger projects by availing the renovation funds.

To begin SUBMITTING YOUR DEALS, please email US AT financierinvestmentgroup@gmail.com with your scenario, once we receive your scenario, I will send you our Prequalification Application, for start the process with our DUE DILIGENCE for been sure that all documentation of the property are update without any problem. 

Our timeframe for close is 2 weeks, if we don’t have problem with the deed and title. Important: WE DON’T CHARGE UPFRONT FEES! 

Jeffery -

Contact me off line.  I may have something for you.

Rich Coppage
Vice President, Cressida Capital
8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd.
Suite 102
Los Angeles, CA 90045
O: 213.784.2784 x1004
M: 480.215.9909 
F: 480.269.9805


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