Greeting Everyone, 

I am an entrepreneur, Researcher, Business Developer, Strategic planner. 

I am looking for investors in my business. I have more than 8 business projects pilled up with me but for an initial stage I need to startup with the Energy Project - Bagasses Power Plant. 

Introduction : It is a fuel which is produced from waste of sugar cane, and when it is burned it produces 70% less carbon content in the atmosphere than coal. it is one of the highly demanding fuel by the the 2 most developing countries like India and China. Companies using these fuel receives Carbon credit certificate in the international market. For long term view we can also look forward to start up a power plant and produce Electricity. 

Finance : We require INR 10,000,0000 for the startup of the project.But the investment will be in a partial stage investment, The complete information has been attached in the documentation.

I am also researching for reuse of fuel or producing fuel from waste products, And have successfully produced fuel from burning waste plastic bags. There are several experiments which are waiting to be conducted. 

If you are interested to invest with us, We would be more than happy to offer you 30 to 35 % equity in the company as well as a place in the board of directors, and will include the investor in all the future projects.

Please feel free to write back to me on my email address : 

Call / whats app : 0091-9925729235

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What I need to have in order to secure the funding that you are requesting ,  I need to have the following information... DO you have a Business Plan and Executive Summary?

This is what I need to have for you ASAP

1.  Last 4 Months Bank Statements for the Company to include any Income amounts, credit card transactions ETC

2.  Operating Agreement

3.  I need to have Picture ID and also Soc #    FICA   CREDIT SCORE 550 or Higher

4.  I am going to go after your request  for the amount that you desire the fee is 8% off the Loan as this is a hard Money Loan  ( dependent on Credit and qualifications ) 

My Fee is 3 % of the Loan which I will collect payment from you once funding is approved .  

If you can get all this over to me we can have processed and funding to you   ... so time is of the essence !!

Please email me

I got some questions  gary 4026125291  call me


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