Hard money loan feel through. Looking for 55k to close this deal. Settlement is December 20th.

129 N. Edgewood St, Baltimore, MD 21229

Purchase price      45k
AVR                     105k
repairs                  13k
Term                     12 -24 months
Exist strategy        Hold for Rental, Refi out of loan, Property approved by
                            Sec 8 - $1300 - $1425/ month
Block description   75% homeowners 

Comps: less than one mile away.

310 N Edgewood st, Baltimore 21229 Sale price $97k 8/13
117 Allendale st, 21229 Sale Price 102k 6/13
3623 W Lexington, 21229 Sale price 114k 5/13
75 S. Kossuth st, 21229 Sale price 109k 5/13

Please call me to discuss further details.

Thank you,


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