Looking for Financing on 84 rental properties in CA. AZ. NV.

I have 84 assets that we have owned for about a year, we have rehabbed all the assets and would like to keep them long term.

ARV 17.7m

Rents 130k a month

looking for 2 to 5 year loan..

75 to 80% ltv

Here is who we are www.strategicLa.com 

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Send me details of your project to scharlesthomas1@gmail.com

or call Sam Thomas at Paramount Financial Partners (515) 554-5541

I do not have a project, we have assets we already own and would like to do a long term refi


I'd like some more information.  I'm not a lender, but I mainly deal in CRE financing.  We're connected in the 2nd degree on LinkedIn. 

One of our trusted lenders recently rolled out a program that might fit what you're looking for.  Please email me and I can send you some more information, and hopefully get a more detailed summary.


Jared Rine

jaredrine@gmail.com or jared@glblsolutions.com

209 481 0514

cool, I sent u a email @ our gmail.

Please reach out to me at (203) 327-3327 or mdeibel@knightheadfunding.com.  I am a direct private equity lender based in Greenwich, Connecticut and I finance single family home portfolios.


Good morning, We can certainly help you with your properties. Please call me or my partner Pete.


Felix And Pete Llanes

Phone: (949) 441-5960 Ext. 169

Fax:   (949) 954-7560

Email: pete@BusinessFinanceStore.com


Just tried calling VM. 


Hi Mathew:

I may be able to help you on your financing request. Please give me or my partner a call at 603-560-4398 to discuss further. We look forward to speaking with you

Ann O'Rourke


will call u shortly


  Please give me a call to discuss the lending programs we have at Merrill Lynch

 David Ingle,

Merrill Lynch


Glad to finance, contact me any time.  I am sending my details via private message.


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