Hi, my name is Sidney Brown with GTG RE Investments LLC. I’m new to this to this type of investments in real estate; however, I had done real estate contracts before by broking notes. But now I want to get into sandwich leases and start helping tenant buyers build their credit and get into their own homes. However I want to have an investor or cash buyer to act as a trustee on the deals. I’m currently working with a realtor agent to find tenant buyers and short-sale properties to get started. Now we have 25 qualified tenant buyers with good employment but needing some credit help and have some short-sale properties in mind. Only problem is I can’t find an investor who wants to be a trustee to the properties and tenant buyers.


Here’s what I want to do, I want to help the tenant buyers get into their new homes by having a good investor buy the property and rent it to the tenant buyer for 1 to 2 years, enough for them to build good enough credit to get a mortgage. Than have the tenant buyer buys the property from the investor at “fair market value”. We’re planning on the real estate appreciation value to increase in year or two, or the prices to go up in value. All I ask is half of the down payment and 20% of the end sale profit when the tenant buyer buys the property and the investor takes 80% of the end profit. I know there would be some risk to these deals but I think it’s worth it and that’s why I’m only asking for only 20% from the end profits and let the investors keep 80% of the end profits made when the property values goes up.

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