Looking for a small Loan to start a REI offer on hot property.

I am a REI in the Charlotte area where properties are hot hot  hot, I need startup cash for earnest money on offer contracts for short term flips to end buyers, I have a purchase funder and end buyer, I just need $1000  earnest money for contracting on a 30 - 60 day loan. Can someone help me?? Contact me at tehayden64@gmail.com.     

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Tracy - I might be able to assist with an unsecured credit line if you are interested.

This would allow you access to close these types of deals quickly without another "partner" being vested in your business.

I have attached our Unsecured Credit line information but you can connect with me also! I am actually in the Charlotte area as well.

You can either use the application form or go online for 24hr approval at LegacyFinanceNeeds

I wish you much success in your business!





Thanks Linda, but I don't have anyone that can meet the 660 credit requirement or the $2000 bank line of credit.

I am willing to pay back 125% within 60 days to anyone that can loan me the money.


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