6 units in new jersey price 470,000 rents 8,700 taxes 10,000 a year 1200 insurance property is in passaic n.j

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Sounds doable, are you under contract ? Do you have 20%down? If so I can do this based on asset as a residential deal, commercial I can do 65%

Let me know....

I can help in the tristate area, NJ, NY and PA. 35+ years experience for all commercial needs. great bank rates

Send your terms to smartenergyhouses@gmail.com.
The tristate is where our project develops

We offer almost all types of Investments Funding. Including Mutual Funds, Business Loans, And Commercial Loans for companies, Real Estate Loan, Land and Construction, Vehicle and all way round Loans. if interested contact me at (samuel231rb@gmail.com) or (702) 674 7590.



We offer

  • Debt refinance of real estate
  • Business acquisition with real estate
  • Construction - ground up
  • Start ups with real estate
Borrowing Amount:
  • Total financing from $300,000 to $50,000,000
  • Up to 90% financing
  • Fully amortized, no balloons
  • If interested please contact me at stephen.l.mitchell@gmail.com

send me more information on your product  please call me at 973-460-4210

Our business is to prevent foreclosures,eradication of debt/poverty, removal of bankruptcy,repairing credits ,Home Refinancing and acquisition,funds for business setup,purchase,commercial or resindential and management and timing of funds to suit all investment strategies.Our Mission Statement is very simple…..Tell them honestly…Close quickly!

To get a full package about our services and how we can partner to fund your deals, please contact me through:

Thank you for choosing RightWay Lending
Martin Reid (Direct loan officer)
Email: martinreid@rightwayloan.com, martinreid225@hotmail.com
Call: 646-457-4286
Fax: 646-453-6438

To know more about Lender, terms, references and testimonials visit the websites-



please feel free to contact me, couple of questions,

purchase price

property value



You can have a seller carry, go conventional 80/85 LTV or 65 LTV Bridge or Hard money I would need the breakdown on the capital stack. You can go to our website and fill out our short app.


I'm prepared to fund your deal High Approval Rates And Flexible Repayment Plans Are Our Specialty; We Also Provide Credit Card Processing. We Provide Businesses With The Best In Transaction Processing Services. Our Competitive Pricing, Around-The-Clock 24/7 Customer & Technical Support, And Innovative Technology Sets The Industry Standard. Contact Me Directly At cahpsllc@gmail.com
(Mailto: cahpsllc@gmail.com) And I Will Respond Immediately With Loan Terms And Application To Start Processing Your Loan Request.

Cell:325-261-0531 Fax: 844-723-8341
E-mail: cahpsllc@gmail.com


what does the credit/ debt service look like?

any prior experience? exit strategy ? 

I have competitive pricing both conventional and bridge/hard money we can get creative

let me know, contact me to discuss

Benny Jones,

   I hope all is well.  I saw your loan request and I believe I can get your loan funded ASAP.

If your interested please email myself an Executive Summary on your Loan Request / Project 

and we can move forward.  I'm not a direct lender but I work with many Lenders that can fund any

loan once you qualify.  These Lenders Charge No Upfront Fees.  Also I have a Lender that is willing 

to JV with Clients if needed to get your project funded,  this lender also provide Down payment for 

your loan if you qualify.  This Lender require you to be able to show you have some money in the bank /

you must have some skin in the game.  This Lender has programs that runs as high as 90% LTV ETC.

If your ready to move forward let myself know.



M.Builders & Merchant Investment

Marvin Benjamin



Hi Benny, we can assist you in this please e mail me or call thanks Jack

 Jack Taromino

 Business Development Specialist

 Oxford Capital

 The Powers Building

 16 West Main St., Suite 231

 Rochester, New York 14614

 E-mail jtaromino@oxfordcapitalmortgage.com

 Office- 888-863-2375 Cell-1-507-216-3617


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