I am a serious investor with tons of leads on great deals, I have 30 years experience and little cash.

Is there any legitimate lender who would be serious about funding my deals as a loan or JV, or fund a non-collateralized loan of $100K-$1M with insurance wrap paid with all other fees out of proceeds or into escrow. I have dealt with thousands of lenders with 99% scams, is there a real lender wanting to make a loan or numerou loans to a real professional that has an abundance of experience and knowledge. I also have a very good reason for not having cash - Frank-Dodd Act 2010 and being in the appraisal business.

I am a great credit risk, with properties that pay for themselves, with NNN leased credit tenants. I need a lender for hold properties and some operating capital to just get started. Is there a real lender out there?

Randy Hinkle



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What can you do for me? I want to bid on distressed auction properties which requires, POF and a registration fee plus due diligence. The registration fee is a hold on funds left in your account until auction os over, then it goes to contract or the hold is lifted. I would need pre-approval for several tbd property purchases, pof and a operating business line of credit or loan of $100K-$1M. Send ,e details and any paperwork needed.

Thanks for your quick response.

Randy Hinkle



Hi Randy with little cash available you are going to find it difficult to find financing. Most lenders will require down payment, reserves and money for closing costs.

Do you have current properties that have equity in them that you can do a cash out refinance or collateralize? If not your best bet will be to find JV partners or if you have good credit 700+ and a strong credit profile you may be able to secure an unsecured personal loan or line of credit up to $400K. Have you looked into this?

Feel free to contact me to discuss further. I can be reached at 949-215-7183 or by email at mike@visionglobalcapital.com. Feel free to also visit my website at www.businessloanresources.info.


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