Looking for a Legit Private Lender for a Cash Out Refinance

Would you do a cash out refinance on rental properties that are Free and Clear?

We have 3 properties (2 in Reading & 1 in Pottstown) 
Purchased and rehabbed in the last 12-18 months 
Gross income is $2800/month (section 8 tenants in two out 3 properties)
Min value of the properties each is $50k 
So if we could do $97,500 cash out for a short-term of 36 months that would be great
Please if you are able to help or interested in this project please contact me directly at DreamChaserRealty@gmail.com

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Can you email me at samcthomas45@gmail.com complete details of your project with your phone number.

Below is my direct Private Lender and below is an overview of their
lending program:

Here is my lenders overview:

*Loan size:$350,000-$20MM+
*Collateral Location:Nationwide(Focus is in NY,FL,NJ,CT and PA
*Collateral Types:All RE considered
*Security:1st Mortgage Lien
*Loan to Value:Up to 65%
*Exit Fee:None
*Interest Rate:Starting @8.99%
*Amoritization:Interest Only
*Recourse-Generally required
*Origination Fee:1%
*Funding in 1-2 weeks

 The specific collateral we would lend against is non-owner occupied
residential and for commercial it’s retail, offices, flagged hotels,
multi-family and mixed-use. We also consider land and ground-up
construction deals when they are located within a major market.

The specific information we need in order to properly consider a deal
is the following:

What is the address and description of the asset to be used as collateral?
How much does the borrower need to borrow and what will it be used for?
How will our loan be paid back?
How come a bridge loan is needed versus a conventional loan?
Is the asset owner occupied?
If the deal is an acquisition, is the purchase in contract and for how much?
If there is an existing appraisal, please share it
If the asset is rented, what is the occupancy or vacancy rate?
If there is an operating memo or income/expense statement, please share it

Don Carter
Facilitator to Lender

I'm Agnew Knox, I work with Old Phokes Homes, LLC. We offer Private Financing & Hard Money Loans for Individuals, Flips, Acquisition, Business startup & Rehabs. Up to 100% LTV. Very easy process, fast turn times Funded in 7 days or less. Guaranteed Approval * We also Buy Hotels, Apartment Complex & Buildings. I equally give out loans both within and outside the country.

Email: agnewknox@oldphokeshomesllc.com
Website: www.oldphokeshomesllc.com
Phone: +17026130531

Have you been searching for a loan without success and wasted lots of time????

Seeking cash to expand your business and open one????

Do you have clients and relations that need funding????

Are you looking to expand your business or have your own dream business???

Contact me today and get funded without delay.

As per the loan we lend at a rate of 5% with no prepayment penalty.

Borrower must be above 18 years of age with a good job and salary.

I lend a minimum of $50,000 and a maximum of $5,000,000 for individuals and $20,000,000 for companies.

I give out both secured and unsecured loans for a duration up to 20 years.

I have been lending for over 20 years now and will like you to please send down the following so we can wire the loan application form to
you and proceed.

You can also make reference to your friends, clients for brokers and family who wants to finance any kind of project to contact me.

Please see attached documents for more info and have the loan application filled and submitted immediately to proceed.

Email: william.investcointernational@yahoo.com

William Matos.


I would love to work with you and help you get the funding that you need. Feel free to reach out.

Gregory Wade






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