Looking for $700,000.00 to 1,500,000.00 to finance new construction

I am looking for funds to build The Park at Eleven North. See proforma attached.

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interested in that,, please email me the details with the hard and soft costs to the project


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Hi Kathleen Smith, Proforma attached. NOTE: right now, our estimated resale value is $193.00 a sq ft. however, we just had two very similar properties go up less than 4 doors down which are currently listed at $255.00 a sq ft. so....our profit margin may be dramatically changing for the better if those two properties do sale at or around $255.00 a sq ft.


Executive Summary and Proforma Attached


Hi Jesus, have you found a lender yet for this deal?  If not I can help find you one.  You may reach me at 401-309-8399 or at stepdancer05@gmail.com, I'm also on LinkedIn.  Let me know if you still need someone! -Nichole Cardillo


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Jesus -

What is the financing structure you anticipate using for this project?  I don't see any line items for interest expense (actually it says $0) and I don't see any line items for any payouts to an equity partner.

I would need to see some sort of business plan along with a feasibility report to understand whether or not I could help you.  If you are planning to find an equity partner you'll also need to do a waterfall analysis to show the investor how he/she will get paid back plus profit.

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Contact me please.




Contact me for a quote.proloans@comcast.net



Please email me your executive summary and fill this out so I can register this and get you a quote within 24 hours.,

Warm regards,




Please contact me at bwabrey@gmail.com


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