Looking for 100% refinancing on investment property

Is there any lender that can do 100% refinancing on rental property?

I want to purchase, fix-up, secure a tenant, then, 100% refinance to get my cash out.  Any lender has this loan product? and what is the requirement?

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Doesn't exist, Tyson.  The max c/o refinance with 30-day title seasoning is 70-75% LTV.

Yes contact me @ wc.capital@wccm-mgt.com or call me on (646)389-5356

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William Matos.

Good afternoon Tyson I have told you that I can offer the loan without upfront fee and with 100% funding 

Thomas, Can you send me your email address?


Do not do a loan with Thomas Sheridan. He is a scammer. They do charge undisclosed up front fees.

I am a broker and sent a client to him, so I know. Again don't use him.


Phillip Walker

Stone Creek Financial Services



Hi Abdul, Can you send me your email address or contact number?

this is regarding my post here 100% refinancing on investment property, I would like to know the loan requirement

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Email me your loan summary maybe i can help you with the loan. 

Emai: Rmf_martin@aol.com 

Tyson, what you are looking for DOES NOT exist, Ever!  The max cash-out for a refinance is 75-80%, and that's based on your credit, the type of property, the location of the property, the monthly rental income and NOI.

Hi Tyson,

Send me the deal. I do have asset-based lender.

The cash-out is based on the property value.

Be well, Ana



Please hit my email up for update regarding the loan you seek i can fund your deal. Rmf_martin@aol.com 


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