I am looking for a lender that does 100% financing.  I do not qualify for bank financing.  I have found a multi family property with 24 condos located in Iowa.  The property is selling for $1.41 Million the expected rental income is $36,000/year.  This property is 100% occupied.  If you are or know of someone who may be willing to help me or even wants to partner up for this deal contact me.  I am open to suggestions.

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we do 100% financing,,

but if you are broke and are asking us to finance this for you so we take all the risk and you profit,

then we don't do that. 


Thank You



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Try negotiating a master lease agreement with the seller.  Then you don't have to worry about dealing with a bank.  If you have no money for a downpayment, then either get a small group of investors together to put up enough for a downpayment or structure a no-down deal with the seller.

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