We give low interest loans with flexible repayments tailored to suit your borrowing needs. Even if you have been declined elsewhere, your verification of employment is all that is required to get your loan approved. No credit checks required.

We are located in the USA with offices in the UK and we give out loans globally irrespective of your country of origin.

Contact us today at: pdwight3013@gmail.com

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Please send your terms and details procedure in my email: regenol@abv.bg

Thanks, Dr. Rafael Melkonyan

President of Plus YUPITER Plus LLC,


Are you connected to Lasedi Kopano - CEO of Home Link Financial Service?

If so, I issue a warning to any potential borrower to tread very carefully when dealing with this company and anything associated with him.

My experience in getting the loan approval with Home Link Financial Service was easy. Getting my loan funds via Mr Kopano's chosen bank for loan repayments (Northern Ice International Bank) was too difficult, especially when the bank claimed I had to pay a anti-terrorism fee equivalent to 10% of the loan amount before the UK government would release the funds.

Both HM Treasury, other UK lenders and my own reading of the Money Laundering Act and Money Laundering Regulations, 2007 show no requirement for payment of any international transfer fee.

Both Mr Kopano and Mr Dabson (Northern Ice International Bank.) denied my claim and stated I did not know what I was talking about

Please be vigilant if you choose to deal with this organisation, if as I believe it to be, linked to Mr Lasedi Kopano as its CEO.

Thank you very much.

What length of employment is required ?

Just proof of gainful employment notwithstanding your date of hire. Our purpose is not limited to lending but helps you build credit

please send me more info, Thanks Ed  freedomamust@yahoo.com

what is the max amount you lend

Dear Ann,

The loan amount varies depending on the project you have at hand or the purpose for which you are lending. Kindly send us a mail to start the application process and get answers to not just your questions but your borrowing needs.


High profile car wash - gas and c-store in Bridgewater NJ. currently paying $350,000 annually servicing $4M in debt, in need of $3M-$4M, up to $1M can be subordinated, if this is any interest to you, property has appraised "AS IS" value of $4.050M prefer an investor with $1.6-$1.8M by lowering secured debt would be able to secure local bank loan of up to $3M. The $3M would be used to pay off all other debt secured and unsecured, lowering annual debt being serviced from $400,000 to $200,000 ($3M @ 5%=$200,000) would also have funds necessary to build 4 bay pre-approved 4 bay Lube Center. Lube Center projected sales to $250-$300,000 net annually. With the multiple facets of this location gas sales would be 150,000 Gal/ mo, existing car wash sales $5,000 cars/mo and existing c-store traffic would aid in a much faster growth of Lube facility as compared to a single stand alone location.

Thank you 

Kevin McFarland


Seeking Funding for Income Producing Residential Duplex in Brunswick, Georgia. Valued at $160,000, Asking Price is $140,000. I need between $75,000 and $100,000 to Purchase. The Seller is willing to carry a Second in the form of Owner Financing for the Balance. Property is being purchased as a Buy-and-Hold income producer, Grossing $21,000/yr Income. Would like Loan to be based on 30yr Amortization with Payments (or Interest Only Payments)for 3-5yrs. Looking to Re-Finance (or Sell) Property in 3-5 years.

Please Advise
Paul M.
Please send info and details thanks

How does verification of employment work if one is self employed ???


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