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I need loans for wholesale fix and flip or just flip. I need someone who will want there fees at closing with attorney or title company. Not asking me to pay for fees up front. Which is all i have been getting.this is not legal or trustworty to do deals. When someone askfor fees up front do not do it. I got scammed for $3000. Great investing to all. Robert

Send us an email. shivkumarloans@qq.com

Can you send me some mail on loan for 4plex for $175000 . What term and points. Rate and cost sandersrobert803@gmail.com.

Check your email we have sent you a reply. Please check your inbox and spam folders for message.

I am looking for a loan for a commercial project.

My email is PerryJones@KearsedgeBoston.com

Send us an email and we would send you detailf for a loan. shivkumarloans@qq.com

We would like further information on your loan programs for purchasing investment real estate.



We tried to send you an email but did not deliver, could you send us an email at  shivkumarloans@qq.com so that we can send you details for a loan.

Thank you for contacting us. We have sent you a reply with loan details

Info has been resent. please check your inbox or spam folder for messages.

Dear Kishore,

We are looking for about 45 million USD for our project funding in Bangalore. Can you share the details of your loan on my email rohit.sringeri@unitedestatesgroup.com.


Rohit Sringeri


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