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Could you send me details on your loan programs ujoe_56_2004@yahoo.com

Hi Kishore - do you ever fund these loans with other people's money?  I'm a trust deed/mortgage investor, and I'm looking to fund more deals.  I prefer to work with a mortgage banker/HM Broker, as they have underwriting criteria that I can work with, rather than have to do all my own due diligence.

Can we help each other?

send me an email at shivkumarloans@qq.com

Please send us your information on loan offerings.

Phil Brooks National Diverse Properties, LLC 678-807-9075 philbrooks@nationalbulkproperties.com ndp.investments@hotmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/philbrooksndp

what we are are in need of is a lender that is flexible  with options.  We have gone through a case of Identity theft and caused us to have some damaged credit.  We also had a lender that cleaned us out of our funds, The FBI has been involved so this  has scared off several lenders.  We have a 323 unit apartment complex that is about 55 to 60 occupied at this point.  The property has 175 units occupied and has more than half the remaining units under renovations are in various phases of completion.  The present appraisal is at 5.6 in it's condition and a stabilized value of 8m.  We have a contract to purchase at 4.5 m with a closing in 30 days.  The LTV is a 55% of stabilized value.  The property is doing about 35-40k per month and steadily climbing.   Can you help with funding for this?

send us an email for details. shivkumarloans@qq.com

Why are you trying to soil the reputation of our company, have you done business with us or have you seen anybody we have scammed? You can google us as a company. SHIVKUMAR LOANS AND INVESTMENT COMPANY. Please do not try to soil our image.

If you needed proof of our credibility, you should have asked but instead you come here to slander our company and we have never done any business with you. Please be mindfull of how you conduct yourself.

Please be mindfull of your comments. Be notified we are not a scam company. We are a legitimate Loans Company based in New Delhi, India. 

Yes your reply was received, it is being answered, you would have gotten your reply today if you had been patient enough but what do you do, you come here and try to spoil our reputation.

If you had read the email that was sent to you, you would have seen my full names. In future as an advice, please verify properly before you begin an accusation. 

Dear Kishore,

We are looking for a funding in Bangalore, India. Can you share the details on my email rohitsringeri@hotmail.com and further to which I can share more of project details.


Rohit Sringeri


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