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Hello Kishore,

I am a Note Consultant approached by an investor in FL looking for cash to rehab  a house as investment.

Please provide more info regarding criteria for the loans.  And how is the interest rate?

TY,  Ana  thecashflowanswer@gmail.com

we sent you an email with details for a loan

Good morning and Happy 4th of July to you and company, Can you send me more info. on your loan packages?



Tony Grant

One Investor Dream LLC5257 Buckeystown Pike
Frederick, MD 21703

we sent you an email with details for a loan

Dear Mr Kumar, 

I would appreciate if you let me know the term and conditions for a loan of 37 millions dollars for a hotel development in the Canary Isalnds, Spain. Please, visit www.landforsale.es for all details. 

send us an email for details: shivkumarloans@qq.com

send us an email and we would send you details for a loan. shivkumarloans@qq.com

We had arranged funds from Singapore which did not happen.We have real estate properties in Delhi and Kolkata in India and needs USD 100M within a week.Can it be arranged?

Please send us your full details for a loan ............ winthropre301@gmail.com

Please send details to info@sayershomes.com. Thank you

send details mkbcapital@gmail.com

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