9515 Communty, windham OH 44288 & 9539 Greenmeadow Rd Windham OH

12 Unit (two buildings) - 100% occupied

NOI: $35,472

Property value: $295,600 (Calculated by 12% cap rate)

Loan required: $190K - 65% LTV (I'm waiting for inspection report, if repair is not required then the loan required well by only $160K~ 54% LTV)

Please note that this deal includes owner financing (against second position) $50K with 5% (interest only) with 3 years balloon.

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Give Sam Thomas a call at Paramount Financial Partners (515) 554-5541

Hello Yehuda,

Please give me a call on 817-350-7660, or shoot me an e-mail at klitaba@gmail.com. I may be able to help.



Hi Jude,

Would you be willing to contribute 15-20% as a downpayment and have the seller carry another 15-20% and we could come in at about 65-70% of the purchase price without a balloon? Let me know if that would possibly work and we can work out the numbers and terms if that's reachable,


Marc Simpson


Phone: 920-267-7682

Fax: 888-920-7420

We give out all kinds of loans with a very low interest rate of 2%. Contact us with your name, country, loan amount needed, loan duration, monthly income,cell phone number,sex via E-mail   michaelstonelenders@yahoo.com.hk

Hello Jude,

STATED Program to 70% LTV  $150K to $5 million

Seller carry up to 10% allowed

E-mail me tony@tmlg.net or call (765) 236-6002

Best Regards,
Tony Chorrushi
(765) 236-6002


Please review or 100% Rehab Bridge Loan Program Highlights below

Funding Terms: 1-4 family non-owner occupied $50,000 -$500,000
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100% for purchase, improvements & soft costs  - Up to 70% ARV
Interest rate Prime plus 6.25%. Minimum interest rate is 9.5%
Monthly Interest Only Repay
Principal due at maturity
No prepayment penalty
Loan Period 9 Months
Origination Points 3
Loan Commitment Fee 5% - Rolled out of the loan
Credit History - A minimum middle credit score of 680 for all applicants.

Lender Doc Fee up to $450.00 for each project

The appraisal will be ordered by Lender.

The cost of the appraisal is the financial responsibility of the borrower.

Prior to Closing; Title Insurance, Builder's Risk Insurance and Survey
are required.

Repayment - Monthly interest-only payments.

You will receive a decision in 2-3 business days upon submission of a
complete rehab loan package.

Funding available fo the following states:
Ohio, Pennsylvania  Tennessee, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois,
North Carolina, South Carolina, New York & New Jersey

 Please find attached application package   - www.ecapitalfund.com


Do you have a loan for Multifamily purchase  (9-12 units)  ?

Send me email to attractive.properties@gmail.com


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