I offer flexible loans on fair terms, with low rates, little documentation and free life insurance ( for all borrowers under the age of 70 (certain restrictions apply)).

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REF:  Short Term Loan Request For USD $125,000 

Hallo, my name is John Muritu, Our firm Heit Commercial Ltd is a real estate investment and management firm specializing in the acquisition and re-positioning of value-add commercial real estate including multifamily and apartments. We want to acquire a 198 units multifamily. 

We're seeking a Short Term Loan Request For USD $125,000 

We have a 100% loan agreement and approval of $26,000,000 from the Lender in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates 

The loan is on the table ready to close. We just need $125,000 to pay the Insurance Security Bond and closing costs.  

Once we pay for the security bond the loan will close immediately and in less than 30 days the loan will be disbursed and transferred to us. Then we will pay you back the $125K plus all interest for one year. 

Can you immediately help us with the $125,000 loan?  

 We can send all the loan documentation to support our loan application. 

Thanks and we look forward to your help

E-mail me at: john@heitcommercial.com Phone 7808079839

interested! please expand !! brian brown 4042591762


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