Hello investors.
My name is Christopher Grant. I am primarily a Commercial investor (Private Lender) .I offer all kind of legitimate loans such as real estate loan, business loans, personal loans, debt consolidation loans with no prepayment penalty, i can fund your flips and real estate investments, such as rentals!
My loans are 75-90% of ARV, so that equates to about 80% purchase and 100% rehab!My interest rate is calculated from 5% to 8% depending on the loan repayment term, I lend money nationwide. I am looking to connect with Clients that needs loan funding.PM me or send me a personal mail message at Christopher.grant.llc@gmail.com for more info.
I await your response,


Christopher Grant.

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I want to learn more about your loan products. I have a few referrals I maybe able to send over, who are seeking funding for their projects.

Hello Kevin,

I noticed from your post you are a private lender also, please i would like to know in what way can i be of assistance to you.

Hello Christopher,

Looking for short term funding for a couple rentals that I need to cash out hard money while waiting for permanent mortgage. two to three months.  Also looking for funding for steady fix and flips and more rentals.

James L Kendrick




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