I am an investor and a private investor, I am interested in financing good business plans, we make construction funds, 100% JV Equity, Low Income Housing, Great Debt, Small balance, DIP (Debtor in Possession), Apt. Equity Participation, Non-recourse for Multi Family & Assisted Living, Commercial Bridge / Hard Money, Mezzanine programs, Income Producing Property, Commercial Land Development, Stick loans as well as start-up capital. Interested in getting your project financing, our interest rate is 4% annually.

Thank you

Sincerely yours




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I am looking for 100% JV partner for a large Hotel deal to acquire and rehab which requires $ 7 millions. Please send me information at winus2006@yahoo.com


I been fliping property for 15 years with 27 years in the reo rehab business for bank own homes . can you email me your requirement for funding

Thanks You

Kent Williams


I am searching for a 100% loan 4-5 thousand to purchase and convert into luxary apartments here in Allentown PA. Please call Brian Brownell for details. 425-737-2957

Dear Gilca,

Do you receive any offer yet? I'm not investor but seeking loan

Dear  Gilca,

I have a lender for my project ($57m). Also he wants a deposit of $200,000 in the escrow account.  Amount that I'm seeking know.

Keep trying my dear.

 As you know, it's sometime difficult to find investor oversea. Don't give up my dear 



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