Need a loan for residential properties.  Renters already in place.  Send emails.

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Do you find it difficult looking for a hard money or private money lender to finance your deal which you have been longing to close? Does your closing date ticks 
around and wish you had someone to help finance that deal? Or Tired of dishonest lenders out there? Then you have to consider working with one of my private money 
So if you have a deal under contract or deals you are looking out, let me know and I may help you achieve your real estate financial freedom.Feel free to contact me so 
we can work towards achieve it.
contact me for more information on.
Douglas Lucas
REI Independent Agent

I can help you if you still need funding!

Tom Wood

TJW Capital

If you are okay with 5% interest rate, Contact me lets discuss.

Mitch Bedke

Please let me know the details of your property and how much you need and I can help you.

Tom Wood

TJW Capital

Direct Lender for Residential investment.   

Please call me to discuss this and all our programs

857-453-3805 |


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