Real Estate Investors, Business Owners, Start-up Businesses, and Entrepreneurs:

we have funds you need.

We offer a personal funding program that can be delivered as early as 10 days.

This isn’t your normal apply-for-credit-and-get-a-few-thousand-dollars; we are

talking about $20,000 to $10,000,000 in credit lines that are secured by absolutely nothing but your personal credit.

No need to give up a percentage of your business or profits to a credit partner or lender.

We can fund a client with a 680 credit score – lower if there is military affiliation.

Lines are approved off Personal credit ONLY – no business credit or real estate value required

Low monthly payments with a final balloon payment.

No term or payoff due date on revolving lines. Make the minimum payments for as long as you need.

Many banks offer 0% APR for 12-18 months.

Funds may be used for anything!

Contact us today for a Free No Obligation Funding Estimate.

Patrick Kessler
Loan Officer
Tel: (703) 646-6096

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