4-8% Interest Rate Respectively.

Closing typically 2-5 working days.

Congratulations to all my clients whose loans we were able to close before the end of May, and for those whom we haven't been able to close, we apologize for the delay and we intend to finalize your deals at most next this month.

Thank you for working with us.

Also if you are interested in securing any type of loan for your business or for personal purpose, not considering whether you have a good or bad credit, at 4% interest rate, it's not too late.

Please feel free to contact me at;

Email: scottfincorporation@aol.com
Phone no: (717) 884-9572

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 I  would like to get  funds   to buy property in Oregon state

 and in rural  areas  . I would like it to be  a no doc  loan  as i have  a 700 +  fico    who  can help  with this   northwestrealestate@live.com


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