I have a a good credit and financials client that needs a private loan for $ 9,000,000 and the renovation appraised value will be $ 20,000,000 and the stabilized value will be $ 29,000,000

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If you are interested to work with us the following steps should be done (how we can start to work with you):

  • Please read first all what you see here very carefully and let us know if you agree with our way to work.
  • We need as next step a few more information about your project (we prefer a Teaser with maximum 15 pages) that we can check the project and calculate our conditions.
    • We will send you then the information if we can realize the project and you will get our detailed offer for your project.
    • After you got our detailed offer and you like to start to work with us, you must send us the Ready Willing and Able and confirm that you agree with our conditions.
  • After we got your RWA (on client’s letterhead with signature and stamp) we adapt the Service Agreement to the client project.
  • The service agreement must be signed and stamped from both parties.
  • You as our client get our invoice for the for global consulting, management consulting, strategic orientation, assistance in the preparation of all required documents and support until investment is credited and you pay the down-payment like confirmed in the agreement for the complete preparatory work.
    • Without the development and the preparatory work for the project is done in a professional way there is no chance to get the investment.
  • After we got the down payment, we will start to work like you see it in the Service-Agreement and visit you personally.


General remarks

  • All steps are taken in agreement with you, and we consider it essential to act and progress as a team.
  • We always prefer the direct way and if there are open points or problems, it is the best way to discuss openly and directly.
  • We will visit your project from time to time to better organize all important steps.
  • Our large network in all industries makes it easy to organize things.
  • In the past we have often worked as management consultants / project developers and therefore have the experience to realize such projects.

Email  David Lee : davidwklee@davidwkleeglobalfunding.com



Hello There :

Please send your related project Executive Summary and other related information to David Lee  Email: davidwklee@davidwkleeglobalfunding.com for our immediate perusal.



Will depend on how we structure deal for you. If you wish a call let us know. 




Interesting. Do you have a package you can send me?




Got it funded Thanks

Excellent. Thanks for the courtesy of your reply.


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