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My name is John Galloway.

I have a bachelors of science degree in Business Administration with a background in the construction, trucking and oilfield industries.

I’m seeking a hard money loan for the purchase of 3 separate investments under a single loan.

The loan amount is $11,350,000.

The reason for the umbrella loan is to provide exceptional collateral for the purchase of proven cash flow.

The collateral is a ranch in Evergreen Colorado.  The ranch is 456 acres, already approved for subdividing into 25, 5 acre lots.

Bare land in the Evergreen area sells for an average price of $139,000/ acre.  Using this as a basis the subdivided 5 acre lots are worth $695,000 each (5 x $139,000 = $695,000). 25 lots at this price gives the property a value of $17,405,000.  The $11,405,000 loan is 65% of the ranch value.

The proven cash flow is from a successful trucking company based in Texas.

The company provides oilfield support services including water hauling for fracing operations.  The company has been in operation since 2012 with several Master Service Agreements in place.

The purchase price is $4,500,000 and includes assets of $3,500,000 in equipment and $150,000 in real estate.  The company has a EBITA of $1,319,000.

The third investment is a single family residence that is also in Evergreen Colorado.  The intent is to do an update and remodel so it can be marketed as an Air BnB purchase.  Air BnB’s in Evergreen are very popular and most are scheduled out until January.  This property will have revenue at around $90,000 per year.

To summarize the loan amount, collateral and use of funds.


Ranch.                                                 $17,375,000

Trucking company equipment               $3,500,000

Trucking company real estate                  $150,000

Air BnB.                                                     $500,000

Total collateral                                      $21,525,000

Loan amount.                   $11,350,000.   53% of collateral value

Use of funds:

Ranch purchase.             $5,500,000

Trucking company.          $4,500,000

Air BnB.                              $800,000

Operating capital                $550,000

The lender would have first position on all assets

Loan servicing:

Assume an 8% loan, principal and interest. 30 year amortization with a balloon at lenders discretion.

$83,382 per month = $1,000,584 per year

Income from trucking company $1,319,000

Income from Air BnB.                     $90,000

Total.                                          $1,409,000

After loan servicing there will be a positive balance of $408,416 per year after loan service.

The benefits of this loan is that I have an education in business and experience in all The fields required to make this venture profitable.  The loan will be serviced by cash flow from an existing successful business. And finally the loan has sufficient collateral that any potential loan is fully collateralized.

If you have additional questions please email me at gallocorp80439@gamil.com

Thank you, I look forward to working with you.

John Galloway

Let us review your proposal carefully..we may help you...... send complete details on bobloanlynx@yahoo.com

Do you offer personal unsecured loan?

Good day Sir,
Can you please send me a contact number.  I am in need of a 25 year loan on a property being sold to me at 54% loan to value. 

Email to: loanaranger@outlook.com

We are very experienced developers and investors.  Please forward application and underwriting criteria and procedures to fhabit@gmail.com.  678.596.2711.  Thank you.

What type of loans do you offer,and are your 100% no fees? my email is igiveuponemail2003@yahoo.com


My email is igiveuponemail2003@yahoo.com if I could have your maximum amounts,terms,duration and application I would appreciate it,and all that’s required 

You told me there was a fee for the loan by loanaranger@outlook.com

So there is fees with these loan ?

  • You told me there was a fee for the loan.


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