Up to 100% of project cost nationwide and select international markets for Business and Real estate Start up or expansion. Funds up to 100% of project cost (not finance related cost) and 80% of operating value on qualified project which includes acquisitions, construction, expansions and business,

Startup for aviation, land or sea transportation,
Senior care and senior living,
Anything medical including
Hemp farming and cannabis processing plants,
New technology projects R&D and deployment,
Multifamily and industrial.
100% LTC loans for churches. Finance range $500,000 - $750 million. Available Now. Structured finance products like Capital Syndication, Family of Funds Credit Lines, Debenture bonds, Preferred shares capitalization, Debt-Equity hybrids or just pure equity capitalization at minimal cost.


Including, 90% to 100% of cost for Fix and Flips 1-4 units

75%-85% of cost for 5 units or more.

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Hi John...I have 3 projects that I would like to discuss with you.

2 apartment construction projects and the other project is bio related.

Minimum funding request for each  project is 50 million USD.

All projects in the USA

I can be reached by email at: info@redeemcapitalfinance.com

All projects are shovel ready

I await a reply

Good day toyousir. I noticed your profile, when you say you finance almost anything, Do you assist with mining equiptment funding? (Oporating capital, trucks, bull dozers and tool rental.) 

Hi Bert,

Yes we do those.

Please forward equipment list and and funding request with name, address and contact information including business location and for borrower. 
Please forward information to; diversifiedfunding@cox.net 

Thank you,

John Clark, AE

Diversified Funding, Inc

Ph: 405-793-9704


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