I am going to get straight to the point. I am a funding consultant and I have quite of few funding sources that lend money on projects that make sense. I gather the docs and review the file prior to submission. No due diligence fees are due because it is illegal and I like to let people know what to expect.

I get a finance snapshot of you to see if you do the deal. It sounds great about 100% deal but it very rarely happens. If you were funding someone wouldn't you want them to put money in the deal so that you know they won't skip town on you. I get an applicatoin and I also ask for particulars about the property or project. I key the information into my system and I let you know if it is a good deal or not. Alot of realtors or people who are trying to sell you sometime only give you the good news and not the real news about the property and it income.

I want you to be successful and hopefully you will tell other about me and my service and go buy another property. If you need funding arrange please let me know. Finally, the million dollar question what is my fee 2% that is paid at closing. Unlike alot of people I am not going to promise anything because the funder is the decider.

Email me at dj_bedford2@yahoo.com and I can send you forms after I get a synopsis of your project.

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