Are you in need of project funding?  We have over 100 sources that are funding and looking to fund credible projects.  Their funding turnaround is between 7-30 days depending upon your particular situation.  All clients (after initial origination process) will be dealing directly with the check writer's representative.  There are no broker chains here.  They are lending internationally and almost all projects can be funded as long as it makes sense.  They are funding projects: construction, gold/silver mines, oil, real estate development, hotels, resorts, medical, pharma, land, etc.  Does your deal make sense?  Do you have a business plan?  Are the strategies profitable? What's your exit strategy?

Their minimum is $750K.  To summarize:
You will need the following to move forward:
1.  Brief Executive Summary of proposed deal.  (1 page)
2.  Loan application:  individual, corporation or group's name.  (I provide)
3.  Proof of .5 - 4% cash available for downpayment, to be paid AFTER approval and signing of final loan agreement.  Lender will let you know specifically the amount.  (You provide directly to them and will be verified)
4.  They will also advise you of any other documentation you may need to provide (i.e. business plan, signed contracts, photo id, etc).
You will need to sign some documents with me (NCND, fee agreement that is ONLY paid upon closing).  Total fees for entire deal will range between 4-6% depending upon the transaction.
If you are interested, get back to me and we will get you started.  See # 1,2,3 (and 4).
I have saved this part for last.  These lenders will only deal with actual borrowers.  THEY WILL NOT DEAL WITH BROKERS (that includes me).  THE BORROWER MUST BE AVAILABLE.  I make the introduction and am removed.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!  Don't waste your time...
I have provided as much as I can to give you detailed information as to not have you wasting time or asking a bunch of questions. Re-read for clarity.  I nor the lenders will tolerate games.  They are serious and I will not waste my time. 
If you are ready, reply back with your name and contact information.  Let us know about your project, what amount you need and that you are ready to move forward.  You need to have POF. 
Few examples:
1.  Client needed $10M for a goldmine.  Didn't have $100K for POF.  (had $12 in account)
2.  Client needed $750K for argriculture and $3.8M for aqua project.  Provided docs & POF.  Funded in 7 days.
3.  Broker with 127 deals on table.  Consortium approved each, requested docs and $1M POF.  Broker choked.
4.  Client needed $2.9M for resort buyout.  Funded in 21 days.
Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your project become a reality!

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