Lenders/Investors Wanted to help us Close Deals! 2.5% of Loan Amounts are Needed!

We have several projects that have been vetted and are pre-approved by our Funding Sources, but lack the Seed Capital to move forward..

This is an opportunity for Investors or Lenders to get into deals that have the Senior Financing already secured!
You can negotiate your own terms for the Seed Capital investment/loan with our Clients who are eager to talk to investors/lenders that can get them to the next level.

You can read more about this opportunity here:


And you can also read all about the actual Funding Program and it's options here:

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My loan firm is running a Relief Loan program at this time, its a good fit for business owners and individuals. below are the basic terms of the loan;

Interest rate :4%
Term: Minimum 1 Year
3 Months Moratorium
$50k Minimum Amount
2% Point

If this is something you can work it, we can proceed to the loan application. Send your request to info@xandafinancial.com

Alex Wesley

Alex, my posting refers to wanting to deal with Investors, not Loans!


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