i can help you with the loan @ low interest rate


John Davis

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write me mail johndavisloanservices@hotmail.com

In need of a gap lender for closing costs of  $4,200 for a fix n flip I'm doing in Georgia with potential profit margin of 75,000.



Good Afternoon,

I am inquiring about a home loan. I want to buy a Fannie Mae forclosed home. I am not a house flipper. I want the home for myself and family. The house is located in PA. The address is: 612 Willis Ave, Fairbank, Pennsylvania 15435. I am looking for $40,000 to purchase and fix the home. I am a Carpenter by trade but now am a Construction Superintendent for a General Contractor. I make a good salary but because of a divorce 5 yrs ago my credit is only fair (632). I have tried thru Fannie Mae and 2 other banks but have been denied. What would the terms be on a 10 yr loan? Please consider my request.
Thank you,
Robert Golden

Email me johndavisloanservices@hotmail.com for more info.

Sounds Like another scam to me there are to many out here running this scam and asking for upfront fees and never funding


I can help if interested contact me via email.





My crew does total rehabs in the DC and Baltimore area. Please send us your lending guidelines..It would be greatly appreciated.....


Have a great day

Can you do a 65% LTV loan ($135,000) Residential, in Wichita KS? Thanks  Jim  jimyoc@gmail.com  Put Loans in Subject line.

An opportunity to earn 12.00% for up to 7 years! 
Chicago IL 60617

We're bringing in a money partner to fund the following great deal: 
The value of the property is $180,000 after we spend $60000 getting it ready for occupancy. 
Our projected profit is $50,000 over 7 years! 
We will rent the property for $1295 monthly or sell with wraparound terms for $1280. 
We are looking to borrow $108,627 at 12.00% for up to 7 years secured by a 1st position lien. 
The amount owed on the property totals $0.00 with a total monthly payment of $0.00. 
The ITV or investment to value is 60.3% with a $71,373 cushion of equity to protect you. 
Monthly payments on this investment are $1117.35 a month, amortized on a based of 30 years. 
You can request a higher/lower monthly payment based on your income or growth goals. 
Would you like to learn more about this opportunity?



We are looking for funds to buy/hold property,that will turn into rent to own property

Also have four commercial properties,three apartment buildings,one private resort/18acres/river frontage

All solid deals with the right people in line,apts show very good returns.We seek honest lending partner to

purchase and move forward.Please send reply to  JNJPropertys@yahoo.com


please send me more information


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