This lending program is for borrowers seeking more than $10 million.

Geographic Area: North America, Caribbean, Europe, Central/South America, Australia/New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and other select locations worldwide.

Loan Types:  New development, acquisition and refinance.

Financing Amount: Minimum loan amount is $10 million, maximum loan amount is $1 billion+.

Property Types: Virtually all types of commercial real estate including: hotel resorts and casinos; alternative energy (solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, biomass, waste conversion, etc.); office, mixed-use, assisted living, multifamily, retail, industrial, medical/ dental; public-use facilities; infrastructure (highway, rail, bridges, roads, etc.); recreational facilities, storage/warehouses, etc.

Underwriting Fee: Depends on loan size (nonrefundable) to cover underwriting costs; paid only after/if an LOI has been issued.

Application Process (typically 90-120 days from receipt of a full loan package):

  • Submit a Project Summary Form and executive summary or detailed description of the project;
  • Dependent upon the Lenders' Network in which your deal is placed; A Due diligence payment may be required before receiving a Letter of Interest (LOI)
  • If a Letter of Interest (LOI) is issued, it will articulate an initial rate and term that will be refined during underwriting.
  • If you are interested in moving forward you must submit the due diligence/underwriting fee, as specified in the LOI, along with the signed LOI.
  • Once your project is placed in underwriting, billing for any third-party reports that are required, i.e., appraisal, environmental analysis, feasibility study, etc. will be deducted from the due diligence/underwriting fee; However, we will attempt to insure that the deal fundamentals are sound before ordering any third-party reports.  This will help you avoid incurring costs unless absolutely necessary. All due diligence funds not used will be refunded.
  • Approximately one week after receipt of the signed LOI and due diligence payment, you will receive a welcome letter.
  • Approximately one week after receipt of the welcome letter you will receive a conditions letter that will provide a list of documents that must be submitted.

To get started, simply email us @

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