Hello we have a client that would like to purchase land in California for $6.3M

value CBRE appraisal $17.6M

Short term loan needed for 60 to 90 days

call or email for more details

Frank or Chris




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Your client could have gotten the loan by now if you proceed with who you where reffered to. That company has funded many deals in USA our country. Sometimes it is good to try foreign lenders.
the information your asking for makes no sense. whats a birthday have to do with the finance?
i will send the pertinent information about the company and the deal.
I have no confidence that you can complete this deal.
Im going to give you a chance .
my clients private information stays private. until money is in escrow and verified.

I can give all the details this is a short term deal 30-90 days.
please advise going forward.



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